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Thank you so much for being such an asset at our wedding!  Everyone thought you were great.  We truly appreciated how you kept us on time (even though we were behind J) and notified us of when things were happening.  You were a HUGE help and much of the reason the night went so smoothly.

And we loved the way you were so interactive with the guests and made everyone feel welcome.  You really made sure everyone had a great time!

We will be sure to recommend you to people we know…and those that we don’t!

Thanks again!


Erin Guardado



Dear Sean,

Thank you very much for looking after our wedding so beautifully in
December.  The ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception were exactly
what we wanted, and neither of us can think back on our wedding
without smiling broadly.  Thank you for this life-long happiness you
created for us.

We also very much appreciated Heidi's discussions with you in the
lead-up to the wedding, as we were making decisions about venues,
wind-resistent microphones, and music choices.  Your experience and
professionalism helped us very much and left us feeling more confident
and happy as we planned the details of our wedding.

Best wishes,
Heidi & Iain



The DJ was awesome this weekend and we have heard nothing but rave reviews all morning!! Here are just a few things the employees are saying:

"My youngest brother DJ's as a side job in Virginia -- I'm going to tell him he's going to have to step it up a notch or two and get out there and DANCE!"

"Just wanted you to know we thought Saturday's party was EXCELLENT __ great location, decorations, awesome food, and the best DJ I've ever seen! Thanks for a great time!"

"Can you believe all the dances that the DJ knew??? It was incredible! Were you there when he was singing? He sang along to a hip hop song and walked out into the table areas and he was good! He also made a point of knowing people's names and then saying stuff to them throughout the night on the microphone. It was like he was one of us!!"

"The DJ was so impressive! Jessica wanted to learn all those dances, and this was her chance. Ad I heard him singing also. Over the years, I've heard and seen a lot of DJs, but he was the best! Do you know what his rates are?"

"The DJ you guys had at the event Saturday rocked the house! There were people out there dancing that I don't usually see on the floor and the DJ's personality and energy made our party! He was great!!"


"Sean Corey Entertainment has done a wonderful job for me the past 4 years, and was hired again to build up a crowd at our newest location. If a great DJ and large selection of karaoke music is what you're looking for to bring to the crowd, then we here at Lehigh Bowland give our highest recommendation." -- Nancy, Lehigh Bowland


"Sean Corey Entertainment knows how to keep a crowd going! Their DJ's are knowledgeable in all genres of music and know exactly what tunes to play for the crowd. They have a large karaoke selection and the dance music they play keeps the girls dancing. We strongly recommend Sean Corey Entertainment." -- Jenn, Red Bones


"Sean, Thank you so much for your help in the wedding! It is much appreciated!" -- Meg & Ryan


"Sean Corey Entertainment was hired at our establishment to entertain our customers. We felt they would be the best fit for our bar because of their large selection of music and the professionalism they showed when talking to us about the company. They are always dependable and do a great job working the crowd. We always have a great turn out on nights Sean Corey Entertainment is in the house doing DJ/Karaoke!" -- Timbal, Nemo's Sports Cafe (Coral Lanes)


"Sean Corey Entertainment had an entertaining and professional job at the Oasis! We would recommend them for any business looking for entertainment." -- Chris, Oasis


"We hired Sean Corey Entertainment to DJ and do our karaoke at our bar in hopes to generate more business on one of our slower nights. They did exactly what they told us they were going to do and we saw an increase in business from the very first night they started. We are happy with their professionalism and the DJ always works the room well. We definitely recommend Sean Corey Entertainment to other bars that are looking to increase business." -- Rhonda, City Tavern


"Dear Sean,
On Behalf of the Greater Fort Myers Chamber of Commerce, I would like to extend my sincere appreciation to you and your wonderful staff for providing fabulous music and entertainment at the Business after Five and "Chamber Idol" contest. It was so much fun! I have received so many emails and phone calls from guests that just loved the event. I hope that you were able to make many contracts. We are so pleased that the event was such a success. With the great services you provide, you definitely make this an event that our members enjoy. It is always such a pleasure to work with make my job easier. Thanks so much for playing at our event!" -- Patricia, Director of Special Events (Greater Fort Myers Chamber of Commerce)


"Sean, Just wanted to let you know the new DJ is great! He plays great music and everyone is warming up to him quick. He gets the crowd involved and is always asking for suggestions from us to make it better. Thanks!" -- Ben, Applebees Airport


"Sean, The feedback is outstanding for the DJ Saturday Night. the place was rocking and he kept the energy level high. Please keep him on our schedule for Saturdays!" -- Steve, Applebees


9th Annual Fantasy Auction of the REALTOR Association of Greater Fort Myers and the Beach, Inc.
"Thank you so much for your participation in our 2006 fundraising event. You helped us help the abuse and neglected children of our community." -- Joanne


"Sean, Thank you for all you did to make our party so special. Ray and I could not have asked for more. If anyone didn't have a good time, it was their own fault. The music was great, the food was so good and you helped make it all come together! Thank you!" -- Ray & Florie


"Sean was very attentive and friendly to Jon and I and all of our guests. He knew when to get the crowd going and good music choices!! If I ever needed Sean again, I would hire him in a heartbeat! Thanks or everything!"-- Jon & Sara


"Sean Thank you so much for coming to our wedding today and making our night fun!! Thanks!" -- Luke & Mary


"Sean Corey, Thank you so much for all of your hard work on our special day! Thank you!!" -- Lynn & Jeff


"Sean, Thank you so much for coming to our wedding. Were really glad that you could make it. It meant so much to us. And thank you so much for providing the DJ That was so nice of you. We can't begin to tell you how much we appreciate it! Again, thank you and we'll see you again soon." -- The Bradley's


"Sean, Great Going! Can't wait until the November party for WCR." -- Barbara, The King Group


"Thanks so much for being our DJ! We are so glad you could be a part of our special day!" -- Hope & Anthony


"Sean, Thank you so much for a wonderful night of dancing! Our brownie troop will be able to complete our badge because of you! We had lots of fun! You ROCK!" -- Many Thanks From, Girl Scout Troop 2055

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