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About Sean Corey
Sean was born and raised right here in S.W.Florida, and comes from a large closeknit family, most of which are in the top of their professions. As a result, he was driven to succeed, and to do the best at whatever he endeavored. At the age of 10, Sean found his first real love, singing. Karaoke was just becoming popular in mainstream society, and when Sean had his first microphone thrust into his hand, he knew he had found his calling. At the age of 12, while helping out at a local rollerskating rink, he watched the D.J. closely, and learned how to use the equipment. Before long, he was filling in for them on emergencies, and did a terrific job of keeping the crowd entertained.

While working full time as a waiter for a well known resort in Braynard, Minnesota, he was hit by an automobile, and severely injured, thus losing his livelyhood. What some might have viewed as a tragedy, turned out to be the turning point in his life. Not long after, while living in Tallahassee, Fl. he began working for a D.J. company, and soon became the head in house D.J. for a popular local nightclub. From there he went to work for Royal Carribean Cruise Lines. During his time with the cruise line, he was able to save every penny he earned, to purchase equipment, and to persue his dream of owning and operating his own entertainment company.

Sean has been entertaining crowds at clubs throughout the area for many years, and was finally able to open Sean Corey Entertainment LLC in 2004. From parties on the beach to overnights on black friday, from bars and nightclubs to private parties and weddings, to special events for charities, Sean Corey has continued to set the standard that everyone else wishes they could attain. His following has been faithful, and his professionalism has remained consistent. Sean Corey handles every occasion personally, and is not in this business part time. This is not just a job to him, it is his life, and what a life it is. Sean is an entertainer of the first order. Check him out for yourself. Seeing is believing.

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